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Naagin 6 Written Update 2

Naagin 6 Written Episode Upcoming Twist

naagin 6 written update june 26 2023 – The story of Naagin 6 has taken a very interesting turn, the one who was considering her love, her husband and everything as progress has betrayed her. Now in the episode, it is shown how after getting married Raghav real face comes in front of Pragati and in a moment his happiness is eclipsed. Hates him, but now after Raghav deceitful exit, three such questions have also arisen, which will be solved or say, Naagin Pragati will be seen to explain to them, what are those three things, the story will become more interesting in the coming days. will appear.

what are those three things naagin 6


  • The first thing is if Raghu is not her love then who is. Naagin 6, it is shown that Raghav confesses to Pragati that he is not the love of her past birth but Raghu after listening to many heard stories. In such a situation, now the question is that if Raghav is not the second birth of Raghu, then who is he, will the makers not get another actor’s entry soon or has the smell of Raghav not brainwashed him? In Shesh Naagin Pragati will definitely go to the bottom of this matter who is his partner and what is the real past of Raghav, maybe in the coming track, Raghav character will gradually turn from negative to positive.
  • Secondly – How will Pragati regain her powers? Sheshnagin has once again lost her powers but again due to deception, Sheshnaagin has become a common man. It is shown in the show that the unique magical ring that Pragati had and Raghav steals it and Pragati can’t become Naagin. Mehak already has Naagmani and she is very powerful. In order to face Mehak, Raghu and others, Pragati will have to become equally powerful and this will happen only when Pragati has her Naagin. Mother’s ring will come back In the upcoming track you will hardly see the focus that Pragati will try hard to get her ring back but how it will be interesting to watch
  • Third thing – will mother Pratha return to help again – Pratha entry is shown in the episode of the show where she also meets her daughter Pragati and the meeting of mother and daughter was also very emotional. Pragati had already warned Pragati that she is going to face a lot of trouble in the coming times, but she has to face everything firmly, but now when Pragati has lost her powers, Raghu has betrayed her again, and Mehak is also the truth with her. Will Pratha return in the upcoming track to protect her daughter? Will Raghu kill Pragati? Will Pratha return to save her daughter from death because it is certain that Pragati will not die. If something happens to the show, how will the track progress further, so as shown in the promo, Raghav shoots at Pragati, he will definitely get hit but Pragati will not kill.

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