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Parineeti Will Divorce Sanju

Parineeti Written Update Today 22 August 2023 – In the serial Parineeti, as you all have seen that Sanju, who is there, puts his life on the line to save Parineet, Niti had done all this, Niti had kept all this conspiracy for Parineet, but see the game of luck, Niti Thought bad for Parineet, her husband Sanju got hurt a lot.

Sanju Hospitalisation:

Sanju has been admitted to the hospital where Parineet anger is on the seventh sky, she is saying whoever tried to kill my Suhag, I will not leave him alive, I will bring his truth in front of everyone, let us tell you that The day is not far when Niti whole game is going to be revealed and this game of Niti will come to the fore and Sanju who is he will take a big decision after knowing the game and will divorce Niti. Will not be able to tolerate this, Niti and Sanju child is growing in Parineet womb, so let us tell you that Niti will flatly refuse to divorce, saying that if I divorce, this child will go with me. watch full episode click here.

Parineeti Upcoming Track:

Sanju life is in danger in order to save Parineet. The game played by Niti has backfired on Neeti as Neeti husband’s life is in danger. Parineet reaches the hospital, where she is very nervous, although everything has happened in front of Neeti, after all, if Neeti goes, how will she go? She takes Sanju to the hospital and admits Sanju. Sanju is admitted in ICO and Sanju condition is not good and Parineet is in a bad condition after crying, so Parineeti swears that she will not leave whoever did this. The family has reached the hospital and by the time they come to know that the attack was on Parineet, but here Sanju has saved Parineet. Will bring Niti in front of everyone because Niti game is about to end, Niti is going to be exposed.

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