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udaariyaan Written Update

udaariyaan Written Update 26 june 2023 – Talking about Serial Udaariyaan, Ekam and Harleen have finally started a new life in the show, Sartaj has told Nehmat that it is not in a hurry to tell me your decision anytime, but let me tell you that there is happiness in Ekam house. She is about to become a mother but Ekam mother is sad about the fact that her son can never become a father and she can never become a grandmother and on this matter Ekam mother tells her son in front of Harleen. Hai son says that mother you want a grandson or you will get a grandson. Harleen heart is full of bitterness for Nehmat, Ekam does not want to let Nehmat come between her and Nehmat under any circumstances. There is a big problem that the doctor has said that you have to see a senior gynaecologist.

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Here sartaj has brought that gurudwara, let us tell you that here Harleen who is already in the gurudwara will see Nehmat and here Harleen and Ekam are serving everyone, giving water to everyone and when Nehmat is here And when Sartaj comes, he does not see Ekam here, so he goes ahead to give him water too, but Harleen will come in between, stop Ekam and herself will go and give him water, warning him to stay away from my husband. A big twist will come in the show, which will blow your mind, where luck is always there. She is trying to bring Ekam closer, this time such a twist will come with this child that finally Nehmat will have to go to Ekam, visit our site to know which is the twist.

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