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Udaariyaan Written update

Udaariyaan Upcoming Story Written Episode

Udaariyaan Written Update august 2023 – Talking about the serial Udaariyaan, the story in the show is going to be such that where Aaliya listens to Harleen only and only, she has been talking to Harleen since childhood and no one in the house knows and in Aaliya heart and mind Then there is only Harleen and she is in love with Armaan and keep telling you that

Udaariyaan Written update

she is taking support of Armaan to meet her mother because Armaan has to go to Canada, here Aaliya also has to go to Canada but here Harleen tells Asma. She has come to Chandigarh and is about to reach her village from Chandigarh to meet her father, but Aaliya still hates Nehmat so much. As much as she used to do in childhood, she does not even want to talk to Nehmat as she used to do. Harleen is doing her work. It is not coming but it is being heard that the actors you are seeing now in the roles of Nehmat and Ekam will change.

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